Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rain Doesn't Know Either

Last night I posted my calendar-confusion. Well, it seems that the weather is a bit confused too. There was one thing I learned when I moved to Israel. It always rains between Sukkot and Pesach. It never rains between Pesach and Sukkot. That is the law!!
Sort of like the regulations in Camelot. "A law was made a distant moon ago here: July and August cannot be too hot. And there's a legal limit to the snow here in Camelot. The winter is forbidden till December and exits March the second on the dot. By order, summer lingers through September in Camelot."
BUT IT'S RAINING TODAY and Pesach has long since gone.
I checked the forecast with It reads: "Partly Cloudy."
Something is goofy here.
Let's keep each other posted about this weather curiosity.
Meanwhile, where did I put my rain boots.

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  1. We only had a drizzle! I didn't even take the wash in.