Friday, April 23, 2010

Aged 20+ Singles - LAG B'OMER Bonfire Get-together

You knew it first, friends. It's happening.
EFRAT is hosting a giant LAG B'OMER bonfire for young people 20+ (21-29) - a get-together around the medura (bonfire).
It will be held on the Zayit, in the park across from 28 Pitom HaKetoret. We even put a RESERVED sign on the rocks there.

Let's get those young people together. Come on, we can do it.
Encourage everyone 20+ that you know to participate. Together, we can create a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet one another.
We hope to have a giant crowd of young people, who together with their friends, will meet new people, make new connections and enlarge their social circle. AND YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN SOCIAL CIRCLES ARE ENLARGED. :)
The medura is being organized by a fabulous group of volunteers - AND YOU'RE INVITED TO JOIN IN. If you'd like to volunteer, email me - .

The goal is to give the dati-leumi 20+ singles crowd (Israelis and olim) a place to meet without pressure and with lots of fun.
There'll be food, music, and a great atmosphere.
If you're 20+ please come and bring your friends. If you're the parent of someone 20+, please tell him/her that they're expected at the medura.
Everyone is asked to bring some food or drink.
Anyone who plays the guitar is asked to please bring it along.
More info to come:!/event.php?eid=113532312010839&ref=mf

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