Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Didn't Know What Day It Was

There's this great old song, "I didn't know what day it was, you held my hand..." It was a Doris Day song, and poor Doris didn't know what day it was, what year it was, what time it was, but that was just a song.
I woke up this morning having had an incredible few days of commemorating and celebrating, and I thought it was Tuesday.
I love Tuesdays. My daughter goes to school late. That means, I sleep late. :) And I have tap on Tuesday nights. That also meant that I had four days to finish this issue of Voices Magazine - .
But guess what????
After I got up and leisurely went about my business, I discovered to my shock THAT IT WAS WEDNESDAY. Somewhere I had lost a day. It was Wednesday. My daughter and I get up at 6:30 AM on Wednesday. And I only have three days to finish this issue. Aghhhhhhhh.
I don't know what happened.
I heard that all the children were late to gan (preschool). Okay. But they don't have calendars. They just know they've been up too late, ate too much, and had too much fun. Well, what was my excuse?? The same, I guess.
So, I've been rushing my kishkes out all day, and I worked real hard and it's 9:16 PM and I still have another three or four hours to put in at the computer.
But I'm writing to all of you to let you know that if you thought it was Tuesday, YOU'RE NOT ALONE.
At least there's one good day closer to Shabbat.
Happy Wednesday. Back to real life.

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