Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monument of Shame??

Note: I always tell my readers to investigate. Don't believe everything you read. Don't take things on face value. Don't jump to conclusions.
So many times, we have learned, the media write what they want, because they want to set the agenda on an issue. They want to sell you on their point of view.
A classic example was Mohammed Al Dura, the little Arab boy that became the poster child for "the inhumane child-murdering Israelis". A lying videographer pieced together some video footage to show that the IDF shot this child. The entire world jumped on the "IDF-murderer" bandwagon until honest journalist Philippe Karsenty proved it to be a hoax.
This holds true for world news, your country, your town, your block, your family.
Don't believe everything you read - investigate!!
That said...I really don't know what happened at the Holyland building project. I don't know if Jerusalem City Councilmembers, former Mayor Ehud Olmert, local and national officials and even Mayor Uri Lupolianski took payoffs. I hope this is a case of yellow journalism, and not "one of the worst corruption scandals in Israel's history!".
But this morning, as I was taking my daughter to school in Jerusalem, we were driving down the hill at Gilo and suddenly there on the horizon was the Holyland project. I had a chilling feeling.
Standing high above Malha, its white and beige buildings dominate the skyline of Bayit Vegan.
I told my daughter, "We don't know the truth about the Holyland yet, but if it turns out that the buildings were created on pay-offs and dishonesty, then, there before you stands a monument to bribery and corruption!!"
I'm sure we're all going to follow this story with great interest. I pray that it doesn't "stink" as much as the media reported already. With all the corruption already dominating the news here, an UnHolyland is something that is absolutely not needed is Israel today.

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