Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation Over - Back to the Real & the Web Worlds

My vacation ended tonight - sob. After a summer of travel and discovery, visits with my family, mothering and grandmothering, swimming and hiking, I'm back at my desk. And what a mess has greeted me. I kept saying, "When I go back to work, I'll take care of it first thing." So, first thing I'm doing is writing this blog, and the mess is just spreading on my desk. (I hope there's nothing living in here!)
I skyped with my dearest mother (ad 120 - may she live and be well until 120) yesterday, and she said, "What are those piles of garbage behind you?"
They're not garbage. They're my old costumes that have to be closeted away, my stomp sticks from last year's performance of DAMES of the DANCE 3, a perfectly good DVD that I can't part with, and t-shirts that I haven't made yet from our family trip. (I made all my kids KATZ FAMILY ADVENTURERS t-shirts before our trip to the Golan - but I ran out of ink before I finished the smallest Katzes' t-shirts. Don't worry, they were forgiving.)
My mother wants the junk to go. I will definitely clean it soon as I have a moment. Hm, perhaps I should advertise for an de-cluttering expert to teach me how to keep things under control. We'll skype about the stages of cleaning my office. (Good thinking!! Any de-clutterers out there are welcome to post a comment with their email, and I'll get back to them.)
Meanwhile, I have 12 blog topics to write. So, I guess I'll begin.
Please continue to join us (and bring your friends along), as we settle back into our desk and into life in Israel. In this world of negativity and Israel-bashing, it's gives us strength to remind ourselves what's RIGHT with living in Israel.

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