Friday, August 27, 2010

Searching for Charity

It's not hard to find places that need our charity dollars/shekels/yen. So I guess we don't have search too much.
However, would you believe that by searching on the internet (which we all do every day) you can raise charity dollars for the many worthy projects of Gush Etzion, through the Gush Etzion Foundation!
It's a tough competitive world out there when it comes to raising funds for charity. So, over the past 12 years, Shani Abrams Simkowitz, director of the Gush Etzion Foundation has worked to discover new ways, and especially by trying to utilize the new technologies in order to raise more money for Gush Etzion's schools, parks, synagogue and special projects.
Shani has a very active Gush Etzion Foundation website, explaining all the newest projects in the region, plus its history, the news in each of the Gush's towns and fun events, happenings and tiyulim (trips) in Gush Etzion on the upcoming Succot holiday.
She created a Gush Etzion Foundation regular internet mailing that keeps worldwide supporters current with all the latest projects and achievements in GE.
She's also in constant email and Facebook contact with potential donors and long-time friends and supporters.
Hi-Tech Charity
And now Shani's got two new projects that out-techie all the rest.
** Beginning Sunday and running for the next month, you can donate 10 NIS to the Gush Etzion Foundation at any moment that the spirit moves you. It's an easy as a text message. If you send an SMS to 2255 with the number 10, you can donate an easy 10 NIS to the GEF. The monies raised from the SMS campaign will go to help Gush Etzion's needy for the expensive High Holy Day season.
You just text your 10 NIS donation. The SMS will cost nothing, and the 10 NIS charity donation will appear on your monthly phone bill. Pelephone, Orange and Celcom are supporting this project, and making it possible. It's also being sponsored by local merchants like Neve Daniel's Shifon Bakery. In addition, the Chevra LePituach (Gush Etzion Development Company) is donating the advertising space on its buses for the campaign.
Of course, the 10 NIS donation is not in place of your usual charity donation to the GEF or any other tzedakah, but it's an easy and fun way to make a difference with the touch of a keypad.
To make a larger donation, click on the GEF website:
** Next, by simply installing a Gush Etzion toolbar onto your computer, the GEF will earn money every time you search Yahoo, Google and Bing. All the small sums that these companies donate for each search can add up to substantial amounts of money for GEF projects.
  • For English speakers, click here:
  • For Hebrew speakers, click here:
    The Gush Etzion toolbar doesn't only perform searches, it has all the info you'd like to have right on the top of your computer screen, without having to really look. You can access your email, facebook or other social media right from the toolbar. You are only a button away from every map in the world. You've got a button that goes directly to GE Tourism. You can load up your favorite radio stations to play right from the bar. And best of all :), you can access ynet, Jpost or right from the Toolbar. Whenever you want to see the latest videos or stories, you can just click on Voices from the GEF tool bar. You can even make a donation to the foundation right from the bar.
It's all very cool, and very tomorrow. But you can use it today to help build a better future for the residents and institutions of Gush Etzion.
So, click away.
For more information, .

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