Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot as Blazes

It was hot as Blazes yesterday. Where on earth is Blazes anyway, and why is it so hot? I actually searched for cities named Blazes tonight, but didn't find any. I thought that perhaps there's a Blazes, Montana, or a Blazes, Arkansas, Then I figured, there's probably Blazes, France, and they'd pronounce it Blez, but... no again. Maybe I didn't search enough, but you know's hot as blazes, so who can sit over a hot computer in a hot office and contemplate this too much! Wherever Blazes is, I wish they'd invest in a city-wide air conditioning system, perhaps a nice tinted dome to keep that cool air inside, and just give the rest of us a break.
My search did reveal lots of folks named Blazes, including the heroine of some seedy romance novel. Great name for a woman of allure.
Actually, it's been hot as blazes for a few weeks already. They say it's been the hottest summer in 50 years. Shvitzville!! Yesterday (I haven't been out yet today, so can't comment on today's temp), the thermometer climbed above 41 Celsius, and that's just about the limit for us regular folk. No more, you hear.
Last night in this upgegussen heat, with no air conditioning or fans, our overly devoted cast of the upcoming year's musical hit Judge - The Song of Devorah (lyrics by Toby Klein Greenwald and Yael Valier, music by Mitch Clyman) rehearsed for our new Raise Your Spirits production (premiering in October, IY"H - I'll keep you posted). We reviewed clever dance routines by delightful choreographer Sara Orenstein. I kid you not - we danced in 41 degree temperature. We twirled and clapped and counted silently 1-2-3-4 turn, 1-2 turn, as giant beads of water danced themselves all over our brows and chins. In very short time, we were soaked from head to toe. It looked like someone had turned on the sprinklers (which would actually have been refreshing).
No one complained toooooo much, although we wished we had a pool that we could all jump into after rehearsal - with our clothes on!! Everyone did their parts, gave it their all, hoping not to faint, and then dashed whenever possible into the courtyard for an opportunity to catch some night air in between numbers. (Our audiences should only know how dedicated [read: obsessively crazy] our RYS women are.)
Then I spoke to my nephew (fabulous boy - 26 and single) after rehearsal. He has milium (reserve duty) in the Negev. The temperature there makes our weather seem cool. But he didn't complain. He's also doing his duty - serving his country in a place that's hotter than Blazes, wherever Blazes is.
They say that when the Meshiach (Messiah) comes, the sun will be released from its pouch. Then you'll see hot!! Well, perhaps we're heading in that direction. At least the thought makes me feel better about shvitzing without the use of a sauna.

AN UPDATE ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON - It's 44 ºC, that's 111.2 ºF. In Tirat Tzvi up north, it's 50 ºC, 122 ºF. Is it hot enough for ya???
Best wishes to you all over the world. Keep cool.

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  1. Dictionary: blaze (blāz)
    n. A brilliant burst of fire; a flame.
    A destructive fire.
    A bright or steady light or glare: the blaze of the desert sun.
    A brilliant, striking display: flowers that were a blaze of color.
    A sudden outburst, as of emotion: a blaze of anger.
    blazes Used as an intensive: Where in blazes are my keys?

    hot as blazes
    hot as blazes
    Also, hot as hell. Extremely warm, as in It was hot as blazes in that room, or I'm hot as hell and would love a cold shower. The first of these hyperbolic similes dates from the mid-1800s, the second from the early 1900s.