Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CONGRESS, what did I do to you?

Yesterday my daughter and I flew to America to visit our loved ones. No specific events planned here.
Total vacation, IY"H. Total visit of togetherness, friendship, love, discovery and fun.
No news.
Nothing heavy, with G-d's help just a real traditional family vacation. 
Although we hadn't really planned out the week, on our New York itinerary included only three specific musts: buy new tap shoes, see a Broadway show, and visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
During our flight to the US, I was faced with a million entertainment choices. Everyone around me had screens tuned to movies, cartoons and sporting events. I turned to Fox News, and discovered that for the 18th time since 1977, the American government is shutting down over failure to pass the budget. 
Well, I'm sorry, and I hope it can be worked out. I'm not into politics, but even I understand that a budget impasse is very dangerous to the whole American people.
But this budget shutdown seems aimed at me!! And I don't even know President Obama or anyone else in Washington!
Fox explained the shut down's immediate consequences - all National Parks are closing. Well, sorry for the folks hiking in Yosemite, but thank G-d I wasn't
planning any nature walks this week.
Then I saw it - the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will be closed.
Are they kidding?
Those were the top items on my MUST SEE list.
And I realized that thousands of other tourists probably had those landmarks, as well as others on their lists too. And those folks in Yosemite might have been dreaming of visiting there for years.
Perhaps closing national parks and landmarks is a better choice than firing thousands of workers, but America's landmarks are not only about fun and photo ops.
They're about the spirit of America, the pride of its great nation, the face of courage that the United States put forth to the world.
Ground Air Force One for a week.
Stop this week's funding rebel insurgents wherever.
Save money this month not trying to topple some foreign regime.
Buy less nuts and bolts and supplies at inflated prices for government offices.
And I won't even mention Obamacare...
But reopen the national parks and landmarks!
The boat to Liberty is waiting for me and thousands others, as well.