Thursday, May 31, 2012

Safe Driving Video - a Big Hit

In February, I was lucky enough to participate in a video on safe driving, i.e. "no texting". The creator/director/filmmaker of the project Amit Benatar was so detailed on my scenes, I was sure mine were the only scenes in the clip. :) 
This was the original post about my movie experience:
When I watched the movie, Lichyot Me'Chadash (Relive) on my computer today, and I saw all the performers and scenes filmed for this clip, and I couldn't believe what a tremendous undertaking this was. (And that was only for six minutes. No wonder full length films shoot for months on end.)
Take a look at the clip, :
The music is great. The children's choir was terrific. I love how they pop up in black and white throughout the clip. Very engaging. The actors, my friends and neighbors, were really believable, and especially like-able.
Actually, one of the things I liked best about this clip was that everyone was smiling almost all the time. It's not heavy handed! There is a very upbeat feeling about this video. And that's why the clip works so well. Its lesson is serious indeed, but there's a good naturedness about it that makes you want to accept its message.
Great video.
Congratulations to Amit Benatar, the Matnas Efrat children's choir, Efrat Community Center and all those performers who gave their time for this important message. This clip will go far.


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