Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Efrat/Gush Etzion Seniors & Teens Inter-generational Cookbook

 My first day back at work after weeks of positive family events, B"H, and what a great day!

I attended the book launch of a unique inter-generational cookbook created by the seniors of the Gush Etzion and Efrat Seniors Club, along with ninth graders at Ulpana Oriya.
The students came to the Senior Center in Alon Shvut every week for a two hour session. They sat with a different senior each week, who taught them how to make a recipe she remembered from her home, and she told them about her life.
The students not only learned how to make some special delicacies, like date nut bars and Pesach rolls, but they learned a lot from the seniors about life and appreciating the past.
The girls wrote up the recipes, and also fashioned little biographies of the senior chefs.
The result was a loving enterprise - a bi-lingual cookbook, A Taste of the Past.
The who's-who of Efrat and Gush Etzion local government came out to salute the seniors, including Efrat's Mayor Oded Revivi, Efrat's Community Center Director Neta Magen (left), Gush Etzion's Community Center Director Menny Katz, Gush Etzion's Director of Welfare Leah Chesterman, Gush Etzion's Community Center Culture Director Sima Gal (far left), Acting Principal of Oriya Ruti Heilman and others.
Mayor Oded Revivi (left) told the seniors that Efrat (which will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary) was "designed for people of the age of 35, under the belief that they would stage 35 forever.Today we know otherwise."
As Efrat's population ages, Mayor Revivi added, that today we have come to the realization that we have to serve the needs of the older generation every day.

Each of the recipes in A Taste of the Past were set out for a delicious buffet with the name of its chef. Everyone enjoyed the creations before them.

The tables were also decorated by floral designs that the seniors created themselves with the help of their Floral Design Instructor Yaffa Wreshner.

Also on display were art projects of mosaic, jewelry, recycled materials, mirrors and more, created under Arts and Crafts Teachers Dana Ernstorf and Mandy Broder.

Before I left the event, my eye caught sight of some really groovy looking canes, and then I noticed a cute flowered walker. These seniors might need to use a cane, but they've got a great sense of humor about it. Kol hakavod for the innovation and the smiles these happy canes cause.

Congratulations to Seniors Club Director Dalia Orlev (left with a senior club member), her Assistant Director Marilyn Adler, and all those teachers who give their time to enrich the lives of our seniors.
For a glimpse of today's festivities,

To order the book (and you must!!), please contact Cost: 100 NIS with profits to the Senior club.

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