Monday, May 21, 2012

Cherry Season in Gush Etzion

In most parts of the world you know what fruit is in season by checking the grocery shelves. When the price is low on this fruit, you know it's orange season or kiwi or peach season. 
But if you live in Efrat/Gush Etzion, you have only to look at the trees in your neighbor's yard to know that cherry season is here. The cherries are gorgeous, plump, shiny, sweet smelling and begging to be picked off the trees. 
Some trees are covered with gauze to prevent the birds from helping themselves, but others are open to the birds or the neighbors or the passer-by on the way to the bus. 
Gush Etzion is one of Israel's cherry capitals. The symbol of some of its kibbutzim is the cherry. Our regional pride comes from the perfection of our cherry. 
We're having a bumper crop this year, B"H. And so folks all over the country are enjoying juicy and gigantic cherries of every kind this month, courtesy of the growers of Efrat/Gush Etzion. Next time you eat a cherry - whether it's red or yellow or purple or burgundy - think of me.

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