Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is "The Life"

La Vie in French means The Life!! "C'est La Vie!!" "That's Life!!" can be good or bad according to the context. This week it was very good! Then again, it wasn't La Vie, but Kibbutz Lavi in the Western Galil, about 15 minutes from the Sea of Kinneret and the city of Tiveria (Tiberius).

Tiberius and this whole Galil area were the center of Jewish life during the time of the Mishna. In fact, the Lavi gardens have a large area of ancient oil presses that prove Jewish settlement from those times.
Filled with beautiful scenery and lovely quiet spots to sit, chat and enjoy nature, Lavi is a breath of fresh air, and more. Across from Kibbutz Lavi, Givat Avni (a growing mixed community) stretches out across the mountain top. What a view!

On the kibbutz, there's a gorgeous rose garden with a vast variety of all types of roses, as well as a fabulous and innovative play area for kids and adults alike. 
But Kibbutz Lavi isn't only about the beauty and fun. It's one of the rare kibbutzim that actually makes money. The two biggest factors in Lavi's economy are the Lavi Furniture Factory and the Lavi Hotel. Both top drawer!
We took a tour of the factory and watched the carpentry shop workers preparing their latest order - for a synagogue in Australia. 

The most exciting item in the factory was the Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) being prepared for the new building in the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. It was gorgeous, and so tall, carpenters had to work on it aboard a cherry picker.
May the synagogue furniture of Lavi contribute to the spirituality of Jews everywhere.
And may the restful hills of Lavi contribute to the relaxation of its guests.

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