Monday, December 27, 2010

The Sweetest Wake-Up Call

The phone rang this morning at 7:50 AM.
Now, that might be fine for your house, but I stay up pretty late every night, and even if I'm awake, I stay in bed until 8:30 AM (except Wednesdays 6:00 AM and Thursdays 8:00 AM - but those are different stories). Anyway, that's the rule.
But this morning, the phone was ringing and ringing, and for some reason I popped out of bed to answer.
It was my two-and-a-half year old granddaugther Chana.
Last week was a very busy week with all kinds of family emergencies, and I had so many that I had to attend to, I never got to work on VOICES Magazine, which is my job in the real world.
So, this week I told my kids and grandbabies that I couldn't help them or see them, because I had to work. And I hoped they'd remember me until next week.
By Sunday night (last night) I was already depressed because I missed my grandchildren so much. I called around from house to house and spoke to whomever I could. But most of the kids were already sleeping. I left messages, "Savta loves and misses you and has to hear your voice."
I guess my daughter-in-law heard my message, and this morning before they left for preschool, my granddaughters called.
They were all bouncing ane exhuberant and full of the day's first blossom.
And they sang songs for me. Rivka, who's five, knew all the words to a really long and complicated song. And Chana tried to follow along.
They sang and sang, and laughed and laughed.
They brought sunshine into my room, even before 8:00 AM, and they brought light into my life.
Happy Day.
[Warning - no one else try calling me before 8:30 AM. :)]

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