Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artists 4 Israel

I went to visit my kids on Bet El's highest hilltop and saw all the Moms, kids and strollers around the children's play caravan. It's called a Mischakia (playroom).
They were watching a bunch of graffiti artists paint the caravan - inside and outside.
Boy, their paintings looks really groovy and inspiring. Of course I pulled over. My daughter-in-law and grandchildren were standing there, admiring the artistry and enjoying the kibbitzing.
The artists, all well-known graffiti artists from all over the world, guys who are not even Jewish, came to Israel on a painting mission from Artists 4 Israel, a community of creative individuals who collaborative in their art to express Israel’s right to exist in peace and security
When so many misguided performing artists are announcing proudly that they're not going to perform in Israel, because they want to be part of the Arab-inspired boycott, Artists 4 Israel are coming here and are calling to all artists and performing artists to come to Israel, learn about its people and see the real Israel from north to south.
How lucky I was to be in Bet El when some of the guys from Artists 4 Israel were there. Actually on the same day, their famous graffiti artists were in lots of different communities, showing their support for Israel through their mural-ity, with messages of hope and unity on walls and murals, buildings and roadside junk.
Their artistic swirls and swiggles have turned plain or burned out buildings into works of art. They have given residents of areas from Sderot, Bnei Netzarim, Bet El, to the chareidi neighborhood of Neve Yaakov real chizuk (strength) with their graffiti messages - full of life, excitement and joy.
I had an opportunity chat with the artists, and IY"H, I will upload the video of their mural painting. They're honestly good people who feel Israel has been handed a raw deal in the media and among other artistic types.
In Bet El, they drew Jacob's ladder (of course - well, it was only a few steps where Jacob had the dream of the angel-filled ladder), the Holy Temple and a call for the redemption. With these hundreds of cans of spray paint (every color you can think of), they did an incredibly inspiring job.
You can find out more about it in detail here on the Artists 4 Israel website.

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