Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alpine Goats Stolen from Ginat Eden

I received this email today from respected social worker Judith Berger. I thought that perhaps some of my readers might be interested in helping Ginat Eden repurchase their herd of goats.

Dear Friends,

Recently the Carmel fire severely damaged the Yemin Orde Boarding School. Within 48 hours they collected all the items and money they requested to provide for their immediate needs.
Not published in the news, another catastrophe happened this week, on the night of the great wind sandstorm.Two nights ago I received the very disturbing news. Most of the Ginat Eden Rehabilitation Farm goat herd was stolen by a band of Arab marauders.
These are specially bred Alpine goats. They produce 11 times more milk than the average local goats. They were specially chosen for our girls because, in addition to their therapeutic qualities of being loving gentle creatures, they also provide healthy goats milk for the girls' nutrition. The surplus milk products are a source of occupation and income. These goats were already pregnant, with the expectation of naturally increasing the size of the herd.
Needless to say, the girls who spent time with these goats are devastated. Let's show them that they can count on us!
The replacement cost is 3500 Shekels per female goat. Eleven were stolen.Won't you please help replace these precious animals as soon as possible? Now is the fertile season, and time is of the essence?
On behalf of the girls I am appealing to you for a ONE TIME minimum donationof NIS 1000 to help in this life-giving project.
In order to start the ball rolling Avraham and I are donating the cost of one goat. Won't you join us? All donations are tax-deductible. (Israel donations made out to Ginat Eden, US funds to One Israel Fund, $CDNto VMM)
Praying for Besorot Tovot
Judith Berger
R.N., M.Sc.Executive Director
Ginat Eden Rehabilitation Farm
Tel: 972-2-586-3371 Mobile:972-2-54-552-4871

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