Friday, December 24, 2010

Can you Hear my Tap?

Last week Those Tappin' DAMES, a dance troupe of which I am a member, performed in Ra'anana for the benefit of deaf and hearing impaired children. They might not have been able to hear our tapping feet, but they surely felt the beat and understood how excited we were to be performing for their benefit.
The performance starred the one-and-only Nomi Teplow, a performer who gives her all and is loved by audiences
The evening was billed as an evening of Broadway and Spirit.
Our tap was part of the Broadway, as well as the first part of Nomi's program. Then we launched into a simcha dance, and Nomi finished the program with beautiful moving songs that were indeed from and for the spirit.
The organization that invited us, AV Israel, is involved in early detection and diagnosis of hearing impairments. It trains children with hearing impairments to "listen and talk." It helps children get cochlear implants and helps hearing impaired children be mainstreamed into regular classrooms.
We were excited to dance for these lovely children, and I'm proud to say that WE WERE B'H FANTABULASTIC!!! The crowd cheered (which is super duper fun) and the sound man told my daughter, who was working with him while she videoed our performance, that he's seen a lot of dance groups and we were "exciting and out of this world."
Those Tappin' DAMES is a troupe led by our choreographer Judy Kizer, and supported by the Matnas of Efrat. We DAMES just love tapping for a good cause. And we're looking forward to the next time that our shuffles can be put to such good use!

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