Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nazi-Loving South America Recognizes "Palestine"

I read this week in that Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay would recognize "free and independent Palestine" within Israel's 1967 borders. Then a Palestinian Authority figure announced that Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay would follow suit.
Why am I not surprised?!

South American nations were the first to welcome Nazi murderers and terrorists after they escaped the hands of justice in World War II. The most welcoming South American nation then was Argentina under dictator Juan Peron (as in...Evita's "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina"), but Nazis found there way to many other South American countries, where they were welcomed, respected and protected.
  • Adolph Eichman, yimach shmo, Hitler's right hand man, fled to Argentina with fake papers, thanks to the International Red Cross, and lived there under a false identity until he was captured by Israeli spies in 1960. He wasn't the only Nazi to call Argentina home. There were many others who learned to speak Spanish in Buenos Aires.
  • Joseph Mengele, Auschwitz's Dr. Death, fled to South America after the Holocaust. Unfortunately, while he was hunted for the rest of his life, he evaded capture.
  • Bolivia was the preferred destination of Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon. B"H, after Barbie escaped to Bolivia, he was later captured and sentenced to death.
  • Franz Stangl, the commander of Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps, escaped after the war to South America's largest country Brazil, and lived there until he was captured by world-famous Nazi hunter Simon Weisenthal.
South America's heritage of Nazi-love or plain Jew-hatred is not new. It's just be reJEWvinated.

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  1. Nope this doesn't surprise me at all about Latin America. We all know about Hugo Chavez of course and Brazil looks like their on the verge of trading in Samba for Sharia thanks to their current idiot president De Silva. You may find my site of interest in regards to standing up against islamo fascism and radical leftists in the san francisco bay area: