Monday, November 22, 2010

The World's Best Hummous

Okay, it's not the world's best hummous. It's probably not even Israel's best hummous, but it might very well be the best hummous made by an elementary school children in Efrat. :)
In Rosh Chodesh (the beginning of the Jewish month), the Orot Etzion boys' school held its first annual Hummous Festival.
Hummous is just about a national food in Israel, along with pita and falafel. Some say that Israelis are obsessed with hummous, and eat it as a dip with just about every meal. (To find more about hummous, Well, a new generation of hummous creators has arisen.
108 Hummous Mayvens
One hundred and eight pupils of Orot Etzion participated in 27 different groups of four students each. They were given two cups of garbanzo beans (chick peas) and challenged to make the most delicious hummous that is presented in the most beautiful way.
Rav Beit HaSefer Rabbi Michael Fredman came up with the idea for this mini-master chef contest. The kids were allowed to bring whatever recipe they wished as well as any special ingredients from home, as long as the base was the garbanzo beans from school.
Rav Michael said that first, they lined up eight food processors for the kids' use, and then they lined up some of the best chefs or would-be chefs in the region to judge the event. They included Assaf Tomer (who produces his own line of hummous, My Lafa), Gidon Amir (chef from the Gush Etzion Winery), Paul Sack (head chef of Or Torah Stone), and Yaakov Weglein (a frustrated chef and terrific rebbe in Orot Etzion).
The kids were great. The mixed and tasted and blended and had real fun. Some tasted more than they manufactured.
The winning team were Ashkenazim, believe it or not - Rappaport, Komet and Singer. Pinati donated sweatshirts to the winners.
Rav Michael said that the day was great fun for everyone. IY"H, there'll be more fun to come, and we'll be there when it does.

(Photographs by Gershon Ellinson)

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