Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is Israel too Big?

Again, we are plagued with an insecurity about to whom the Land of Israel belongs.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is actually considering leasing our own land from the Arabs, in essence, saying that the land belongs to the Arabs, but since we have Jews living there, we'd like to lease the land from them. You don't lease what belongs to you!!
Joseph Farrah wrote this:
But the Israeli leaders are missing the point — as usual. Any agreement to lease the land bestows ownership of the land by their enemies. It thoroughly undermines the legitimate Jewish claim to land bestowed to the heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If Israel agrees that the land legitimately belongs to the Palestinians, how will it morally and legally defend the rest of its land?
The concession would represent an implicit admission that so-called Palestinians have a legitimate right of ownership to all lands under the control of Israel — including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which are contested by the same people.

My daughter-in-law Mimi, whom I cited in the last blog,, asked me, "Why do you think we're having so many problems and conflicts about the Land of Israel? Why are we threatened with losing pieces of our land?" I told her that I could give her many text book answers, "the people are disunited," "Am Yisrael has to do teshuva (repent)", etc. etc., but that I really did not know the answer.
She answered me along the lines of the previous blog. "Maybe Hashem is saying, 'The Jews are not making Aliyah. They prefer the Exile above their own country. If they don't want to come to Eretz Israel, then the Jewish people don't need such a big country."
It's definitely an interesting and sad thought.
Jews throughout the world, please come home now.
(Thank you to Yaffa Ganz for sending the Joseph Farrah article.)

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