Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks - What are you proud of, Bibi?

WikiLeaks latest news is in today's Jpost.com :
Netanyahu said that his government "would not 'go back' to unilateral withdrawals," and "noted that he had not established any new settlements when he was Prime Minister." Already in 2009, Netanyahu expressed support for a "temporary freeze" in settlement-building.Netanyahu also said that he supported "'refined' Palestinian sovereignty without an army or control over air space and borders." He added that Israel and the Palestinian Authority would have to negotiate about territory and settlements before discussing Jerusalem and refugees.

Firstly, Netanyahu has not established any new settlements since he was Prime Minister. Is that something he should be proud of? Is that something the Likud should be proud of? Is that something the right wing and lovers of Israel should be proud of? Instead of building up the land, Netanyahu says he has stifled its growth, and supported a freeze already in 2009!
Next, Netanyahu wants "Palestinian" sovereignty without an army or control of air space and borders? Well, that statement is ridiculous and impossible, especially since the United States itself has been training thousands upon thousands of Arabs in Jordan to return to the Palestinian Authority as its elite Army. There was an article only a few weeks ago in the Jerusalem Post that stated that by 2011, there will be 10,000 US-trained and well-armed Arab soldiers in the Palestinian Authority. This army exists already. What does Bibi expect to do with them? Send them to the US, their trainers?
Lastly, Bibi wants to control the borders of land that he wants to relinquish. If Israel gives up sovereignty of land, wherever it is, it gives it up. Why would the PA allow Israel then to control its borders? And if it did, one day, just like Hizbullah tells the UN to move over, there is little chance that Israel's Army would be able to stay in place.
There is smoke coming out of my ears. Can you see it? I hate reading the news.

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