Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Everyone's talking about the possible additional freeze of three months of Israeli building in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. Can we be MORE frozen than we are already?
Well, they've been talking about it since September.
Um, hello, in September, the freeze was supposed to be over, and there hasn't been any building since then, so really, we have continued the freeze since September, and then in October and now in November.
So, will the three month freeze be over in a few weeks? Or are we going to start counting when they officially announce G-d forbid that there's going to be another freeze.
You know, they can continue a freeze indefinitely, by just debating it for months.
We can talk about it through November, then December, then January. We can demonstrate against it in February, start a letter writing campaign against the freeze in March, strike the schools about the freeze in April, and we can debate the freeze in May.
You see, we can talk/demonstrate/rally/fight the freeze to death for months, and what does that mean?? It means, there's still a freeze, no matter if it is official or not!
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a ten month freeze, but meanwhile, it's almost a year already.
The whole thing is malarky. (Is that how you spell malarky?)
We are in a freeze that the government has no interest in lifting.
But they have no interest in fighting the right wing either, so they'll just debate the freeze as long as they can, and while they're doing that....the freeze continues.
(Photos by Zvi Edelman)

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