Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks, Peace Now

There's an old joke that talks about a little Yiddele (a little Jewish man) who read Russia's communist Pravda newspaper all the time. "Oy, Chaim," his friend said, "How can you read that propaganda? It's so horrible." "What are you talking about!!" Chaim retorted. "I love it."
"It say, 'The Jews run the banks. The Jews own the media. The Jews rule the world. It makes me feel fabulous!!"
Well, that's how I feel about Peace Now. There are some lovers of Israel who are haters of Peace Now, but not me. I love them. Their reports always make me feel terrific.
I was just closing down my computer and came upon this Peace Now revelation on Jpost.

Jpost reports:
'13,000 West Bank housing units ready for construction'
"Peace Now: At least 2,000 W. Bank units have foundations laid, ready to be built as freeze expires; 11,000 ready for construction without further gov't approval.
More than 13,000 settlement housing units in the West Bank are ready for construction once the building moratorium ends on September 26th and at least 2,000 are ready for immediate construction, according to a report by Peace Now released on Sunday.... The group reported that at least another 11,000 housing units have had their building plans approved....This translates into a total of 13,000 units which are ready for construction in the West Bank, even if the government implements an implicit building freeze and does not approve new construction in the future, without extending the moratorium."
Hooray, thank you Peace Now for sharing the good news. I just can't wait, IY"H, for September 26. If the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers (who spread their promises to build, all over banners throughout the country) are honest and truthful, the tractors will be revving up their engines soon.
If you don't hear the varoom varoom on the morning of the 26th, you'll have to remember, that they're all just politicians.

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