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Nadia Matar's Letter - 7 Jewish Orphans, Destroy Jewish Trees

THIS LETTER WAS WRITTEN BY NADIA MATAR, HEAD OF WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW, It is one of the most impassioned letters I have ever read.
It is long. It is worth reading - every word.
I am including it in total here, in hopes that it will touch many hearts and make a different in the world. The State of Israel is again in danger (that's getting boring already), and those who care about its future, must take action NOW in any positive way.
* * *

Dear friends,
In the past 48 hours we have returned to the nightmarish days of Oslo when we used to spend our time at funerals of Jews massacred by Arab terrorists. That is what happens when Israel sits down for "peace talks" with arch murderers like Abu Mazzen.Tuesday night we heard the news about four Jews attacked in a drive-by shooting a few kilometers after Hevron, on the main road, road 60, that connects Jerusalem to Beersheva.A bit later we find out who the victims were. Our dear friends Yitzhak and Talya Amis HY"D, longtime Erets Israel lovers and activists. They were driving from Jerusalem to their home in Bet Chaggai, in the southern Hebron hills. Talya was pregnant with their seventh child. With them in the car were two hitchhikers who also were murdered: Kochava Ben Meir HY"D and Avishai Shindler HY"D.
According to the news report, the Arab murderers had shot at them in a drive by shooting, riddling the car with hundreds of bullets.
Kochava Ben Meir HY"D
Kochava was a kindergarten teacher in Efrat. She leaves behind a husband and one daughter, for whom she had been waiting and praying for, for years, to get pregnant with. Avishai was newly wed, married just a few months ago to Moriah Bar Nitzan from Efrat.
Upon hearing that our friends Yitzhak and Talya had been murdered, Yehudit Katsover and I felt the need to drive out immediately to their house in Bet Haggai and try to comfort the children.
Yitzhak and Talya Amis HY"D
Talya and Yitzhak had come on aliya from the former USSR, and build a wonderful family with their six children. Just recently they had become first time grandparents. Their youngest son, Oz David, is only 4 years old. We met the Amis five years ago, in Gush Katif, where we had all moved to, to try and prevent its destruction. Since then we had been together at so many activities for the Land of Israel.Yitzhak and Talya build a home of love. Love for Erets Israel, love for Am Israel , love for Torat Israel. They always, but always, were seen together. To all the Erets Israel activities they came -together.
Even in their last moments-they were together. The first witness who arrived at the scene of the massacre was quoted at the funeral, saying that when she looked in the car, riddled with bullets, she saw Yitzhak and Talya, dead, hugging eachother. Together.The ride to Bet Chaggai, which usually takes 30 minutes from Efrat, took a long time. The road was still packed with army and police searching for the murderers. Just a few weeks ago the government had once again made "confidence building gestures" for the Arabs and had removed even more roadblocks. We warned that this was a recipe for the murder of Jews but no one listened..We arrived at the house.
What does one say to six orphans? The house was packed with friends and neighbors hugging and comforting the children. Yitzhak and Talya were longtime activists for the Temple Mount, organizing groups to go up, in holiness and according to halacha, to Har Habayit. They couldn't bare seeing the Jews' holiest place being desecrated by Arabs who control the Temple Mount. Yitzhak and Talya believed that we must bring thousands of Jews to the Mount, and work every day to prepare for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
In fact the morning of the murder Yitzhak had been on his weekly visit to the Temple Mount. At the house, four year old Oz David was crying saying: "My Abba is dead. Who is now going to bring me to the Temple Mount?" And he turned to Yehuda Glick, main activist for the Temple Mount and asked; "Yehuda, will you bring me?" Yehuda, with tears in his eyes, hugged him and said: Of course I will."
At the house, friends told us that the police, months before, had taken away the gun licence of Yitzhak. As part of his activity on the Temple mount, Yitzhak had been arrested a few times for the "crime" of praying on the Mount (as you know, Jews are not allowed to utter prayers on the Temple Mount and if they do, they get arrested). Yitzhak had been arrested a few times accused of praying and thus had a few police files piled up. Because of these files, they took away his gun licence and thus prevented him from defending himself on the day the Arab terrorists murdered him, probably using guns they had received from Israel as part of the criminal Oslo agreements.
Avishai Shindler HY"D
After Bet Chaggai we returned to Efrat, looking to comfort Moriah, may she have a long life, whose husband Avishai HY"D had been murdered too. Moriah's parents, Rabbi David and Zehavit Bar Nitzan from Efrat are also long time Erets Israel activists. Moriah had served her sherut leumi (national service) in Bet Haggai, fell in love with the place and the people, and it was only natural that after the wedding she and Avishai established their home there.The next day, Wednesday, were the funerals.
Three funerals. Seven orphans.The funeral, attended by thousands of mourners, started at Bet Chaggai where hespeidim (eulogies) were said to the victims. After that we all drove in a car convoy to the different cemeteries. Yitzhak and Talya were going to be buried on Har Hazeitim, facing the Temple Mount they so much cherished and worked for.
On the way to the cemetary, hundreds of residents of nearby communities, Karmei Tsur, Gush Etzion, Efrat, Elazar, Neve Daniel, had come to the main road, holding Israeli flags , giving their respect and love to the victims.
Among the speakers at the funeral were; Rabbi Dov Lior, Knesset head MK Ruby Rivlin, Rabbi Israel Ariel, Rabbi Yehuda Glick,MK head of the coalition Zeev Elkin, the rabbi of Bet Chaggai, family and friends of the victims and MK Ayoub Karra who, despite his being Druze and not Jewish, gave the most passionate speech of all. MK Karra said that as a descendant of Yitro, he turns to us and urges the Jewish leaders to stop being so naieve. The Arabs do not want peace. All they are interested in is the destruction of the State of Israel and of the Jewish People. The only way the Jewish People will be able to survive is by being strong and not capitulate.At the funeral there was a lot of crying. A lot of sadness. Anger. But also a lot of strength and determination. Let our enemies not be fooled. As all speakers said, and as we all felt:Murdering our friends will not break us. On the contrary. It only strengthens us in our determination to safeguard our homeland and to fight for Erets Israel. We know that Erets Israel is bought with painful sacrifices. For each sacrifice, we will be strengthened and determined even more.
The message is clear: This land is ours and only ours! We continue, now more than ever, to hold on to Erets Israel, to build , plant , expand and settle it. For every victim of Arab terror we will build more and plant more. In different communities they indeed, in reaction to the murder, started building already last night.
Amazingly, while we all were at the funeral , the Civil Administration was busy hanging expulsion orders against trees we had planted the night before in Netzer, in reaction to the murder. The Civil Administration is that part of the army that is supposed to watch and safeguard the statelands in Judea and Samaria. Unfortunately though, over the past years, the Civil administration has become a pro-Arab and anti-Jewish body that somehow never see any of the tens of thousands of illegal homes the Arabs built, nor the tens of thousands of trees they plant on our lands in order to steal our lands and strangle the communities. But when Jews plant 30 trees, on Jewish stateland, in order to prevent Arabs from stealing that land, the Civil Administration acts immediately and efficiently. Even during funerals.
As you know, we have started a campaign this past summer of redeeming land through plantings. In the summer we held an agricultural youth camp in which 60 youth participated and redeemed some 20 dunams of land in Netzer, in the heart of Gush Etzion. On our way back from the funeral we went to Netzer to check on the plot we had redeemed, to make sure the trees we had planted the night before were ok. To our utter shock and disbelief, we saw that expulsion orders had been put up ! Yes, you read correctly - expulsion orders against trees planted on stateland. According to the papers telling us that we have 45 days to remove the trees or else they will do so, the Civil administration had put up those signs that morning at 12:00 noon, exactly the time of the eulogies.
Pictures of the order can be seen by clicking on the Hebrew Arutz 7 article:
The Civil Administration obviously had not heard the speeches by the members of Knesset who all clearly stated that we must strengthen ourselves now through building and planting in Erets Israel. Upon seeing the orders, we called a few additional activists to come immediately and finish off the work at the site. Planting trees is done in different stages- first you clear the ground with a tractor, then dig holes, plant, connect the water pipes and then protect the saplings with cardboard so that animals won't eat them. We had planted the trees the night before but we still needed to put up the protective cardboards. We decided there and then to name that piece of land "Netzer Yitzhak and Talya " in memory of Yitzhak Amis HY"D and the other victims we had just buried. For not only were Yitzhak and Talya active for the Temple Mount, they also were with us in all our activities in Netzer, Shdema, and Adurayim.
** This coming Tuesday, September 6, at the end of the shiva (the seven day of mourning) we will please G-d redeem more lands in memory of the four Kedoshim who were murdered. We will plant tens of trees and show the authorities that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. We urge you to join us.
** In addition, on Monday September 13, a few days before Yom Kippur,we will please G-d have a very special and moving evening for women in the Machpela Visitors Center in Hevron at the foot of the Machpela Cave. An evening of Emunah (faith), Neshama (soul) and Erets Israel. We will show all that no Arab terror attack around Hevron will deter us. We are connected, forever, to our roots. To our forefathers and mothers. Hevron is where it all began. Hevron and Jerusalem are twin sisters. The struggle to safeguard Hevron and Judea is the struggle for the survival of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
To our political leaders who are now in Washington we say: Draw your strength from quiet and humble proud Jewish heroes like Yitzhak and Talya Amis HY"D. Stop talking to Jew-haters and murderers. There is nothing to talk about. Come home and start avenging the blood of those who were murdered, by building four new communities in their memory, in Judea and Samaria.
As these lines are being typed, we received the news of an additional drive-by shooting by Arabs against Jews - this time in Binyamin. We , the People of Israel in general and in Judea and Samaria in particular, we are strong. Now we must make sure our leaders will be strong too.
Hashem will give strength unto His people; Hashem will bless his people with peace. (Tehillim chapter 29)

- Nadia Matar,

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  1. I pray that your valiant efforts were not in vain- but remembering how the Israeli system works, that will depend on leadership. Power needs to come from the people, like you. Db