Monday, September 27, 2010

If I Were on a Desert Island...

It's been more than a week since I last posted a blog. WHAT A WEEK!!
Unfortunately, I've been busy with some NOT fun stuff. Last Monday morning, our car broke down. I love our car. It's not too big when I'm driving alone and not too small when I'm driving with the family. We've gone all over the country in that car, and shared many simchas (happy occasions). It gave us so many wonderful memories.
Well, after 235,000 kilometers and lots of go go go, it's starting to go...but in a bad way.
This past Monday, my husband Israel drove my daughter back to her sherut leumi (national service) post, and on the way back, the car broke down. Not that I wanted him to break down, but I'm glad it was him instead of me. I would have just flipped out. He was cool as a cucumber as he called me (to bring him water) and the towing service to take the car to the garage.
My friend drove me to bring him some food, water and a sefer (book) to learn while he waited. And then I decided to wait with him.
The towing service told us they'd arrive within an hour and a half. They came in exactly an hour.
The tower told us to get out of the car and climb into his truck. He was going to take away our car. And then I realized, I'd better take my most prized possessions from my car.
Did you ever play the game, "If you were on a desert island....what two things would you want to take along?" I've played the game many times through the years, and it was always difficult to think of two things. Last Monday, I had no trouble.
I jumped back into the car and camera tripod and my tap bag (with my daughter's and my tap shoes and latest costumes).
There you go. If I were on a desert island, I'd want my tripod (I hope I'd have been wearing my camera at the time) and my tap bag (I hope there'd be a big piece of wood to tap on, or else, it would be a lot of sloshing in the sand).
Anyway, the car's been worked on, on and off for a week, and that's an unexpected aggravation that has been keeping me pretty busy. And it's still not up to snuff, but the garage is not open again until after the holidays, so I'm staying close to home.
Appreciate your cars now! And keep them in top shape. A well-maintained car will last longer for your family.
Moadim lesimcha.

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