Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Musical Hallel - what's that??

Hallel is one of the most beautiful parts of the prayer service on Jewish holidays. Hallel means praise and the hallel service is from the book of psalms.
The Artscroll Women's Siddur says that "Moses and Israel recited [hallel] after being saved from the Egyptians at the sea; Joshua, after defeating the kings of Canaan; Deborah and Barak, after defeating Sisera; Hezekiah, after defeating Sennacherib; Chananiah, Mishael and Azariah, after being saved from the wicked Nebuchadnezzar, and Mordechai and Esther, after the defeat of the wicked Haman." (Pesachim 117a)
Hallel is such a joyous prayer that in many synagogues around the world, the congregants sing hallel with great celebration, and even musical instruments.
After my blog about Efrat's Tiferet Avot Hoshana Rabba service, I was reminded that last year, I had attended two musical hallel services.

Musical Hallel at the Zayit Raanan Shul

Shlomo Katz rocks at the Shirat Shlomo Minyan

These video clips were made in the days when you had to upload a video and then let it sit for two minutes until it was fully loaded. Sorry for the delay. Nowadays, that doesn't happen any more. Lots has changed in a year.
Have a joyous Simchat Torah. Dance up a storm.
From Hallel: "Hashem who has remembered us will bless - He will bless the House of Israel; He will bless the House of Aaron; He will bless those who fear Hashem, the small as well as the great."


  1. This reminds me that I really, really want to find a good MP3 download / CD of a musical Hallel. (I can learn anything in Hebrew with a musical accompaniment.) Can anyone recommend one?

  2. Am I allowed to post a link here? This succot I was at a fantastic musical hallel in Hebron. what was fantastic about it? Over in the men's section there were men from every type of religious background from traditional to ultra-orthodox. Music is an international language - and I guess it also can create achdut (unity) amongst ourselves!
    see it on youtube: