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Save the World, well at least Stop Postpartum Depression

Every month I am sent one or two or even three books to review. Most of them are enjoyable, inspiring, and even exciting. I don't write about them in my blog. I review them in Voices Magazine, When I received the book Delivery from Darkness about Postpartum Depression, I thought, "Okay, I'll just do my best to finish it, because the topic is important." Well, I was in for a shock. Delivery from Darkness was so riveting, so intense that I was totally drawn into the issue of Postpartum Depression, and now I want to be an anti-Postpartum Depression Activist (do they have them) and save women, their husbands, children and families from this horrific syndrome.
I WANT YOU TO READ THIS BOOK. No, I don't get a commission on any sales (well, maybe after 120, IY"H). I just want to help your family and help eliminate Postpartum Depression, if I can. Postpartum Depression is a destroyer. I want to battle the destroyer. Join me. Read on.

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Just about every woman has had some sort of mood swings or baby blues after the birth of a child. In most cases, the distress dissipates with time and rest. However, any family that has suffered the horrors of Postpartum Depression knows that it tears families apart at the very core – harming husband-wife relationships, shattering children’s stability and neshamot (souls), and damaging extended family and friends as well.
The figures are startling – 80% of all women will experience some sort of emotional distress after childbirth; 15% of all women will fall into Postpartum Depression; and one in 1,000 will suffer Postpartum Psychosis.
Delivery from Darkness, the third book in a series on birthing/family topics by Rabbi Baruch and Michal Finkelstein RN CNM, gives us a frighteningly frank look at the full spectrum of postpartum melancholies.
While baby blues might have been hidden behind closed doors or shrugged off in the past, we are a more aware generation and must do our best to detect all levels of Postpartum Depressions and deal with them for the sake of mother, child, family and society. This book is a guide to the early recognition and treatment of this syndrome, which unfortunately has gone undetected or misdiagnosed because of lack of awareness of its very varied symptoms.
Delivery from Darkness is a book that must be read multiple times during a marriage – during each pregnancy and afterwards by both husband and wife, as well as mother, mother-in-law, even fathers, medical caregivers and rabbis.
PPD is such an evil, such a jolt and a destroyer of entire families that all of us must be given the knowledge that this book provides to identify the syndrome and get help.
I feel very strongly about the need for YOU and everyone around you to read this book. Delivery from Darkness is a war on the horrors of PPD, and a shield for the families. PPD must be prevented if possible, and treated ASAP if it could not be prevented.
Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski’s endorsement says it all, “I consider the reading of this book to be a mitzvah. There can be no greater recommendation.”
In addition to its vital clinical information, provided by Michal Finkelstein, a certified nurse midwife who has delivered more than 1000 babies, Delivery from Darkness provides halachic advice on Jewish issues and encouraging spiritual elements by Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein. It also includes the expertise of family therapist and social worker Doreen Winter MSW.
This blending of medical and Jewish issues is a perfect combination for religious families who, B”H, have many children, and can relate to a faith-based outlook on Postpartum Depression.
Following their best-selling books on pregnancy and childbirth (Be’Shaah Tovah) and infertility (The Third Key), the Finkelsteins have tackled Postpartum Depression with compelling personal accounts, understandable medical explanations of the varied causes of PPD; steps to keep emotionally and physically fit to prevent depression; traditional and alternative treatments available; tips on how community and family can help; therapies and medicines; issues to discuss with the rabbi; and ways to return to regular life and reconnect to family, friends and G-d.
Find at more at the Delivery from Darkness website, . Contact the Finkelsteins at . You can even purchase the book on-line at Feldheim.
I had the opportunity to interview Rabbi Baruch and Michal Finkelstein. You can watch that interview on Voices TV right here: .

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