Sunday, December 27, 2009

And the cat shall lie with the rabbit

The Jewish Nation is an ambitious lot. Throughout our history, we are waiting for the lion to rest with the lamb. This is our ultimate idea of world peace.
Could it be we are too ambitious?
My family spent Shabbat in the Eastern Gush Etzion town of Metzad - it's like a clean-aired small town overlooking the distant Dead Sea. Rural, quiet, filled with warm wonderful people.
It's also got rabbits. It seems that some years ago, a resident of Metzad owned some rabbits and then let them free. I guess life was good for them in Metzad, so they didn't go far, and every once in a while when you look outside, there's a rabbit munching on a flower and wiggling his long ears.
Last week, while watching a black rabbit outside on the lawn, I noticed a cat about to pounce. I called my four-year-old granddaughter Rivka and asked if I should run outside and do something about this. She said, "No, in Metzad, the cats get along with the rabbits."
I thought, "Sure, I bet they'd love them...for dinner." So, I watched cautiously, ready to throw something at the sneaky looking cat. And whattayaknow? The cat just sat there as the rabbit munched away.
So, perhaps there is a place where peace can reign between animals. And IY"H, perhaps it's a good sign for all of us too.
It doesn't compare to lions and lambs, but it was pretty impressive.

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