Monday, December 21, 2009

Classical Music in Gush Etzion

I love music - all kinds of music, but I never knew until two weeks ago that I like classical music. At the premiere concert of the Classical Music series in Gush Etzion, I found myself breathless at the energetic performance of the PercaDu Duo. Playing 50 different instruments from around the world, the international performing duo had the entire audience enthralled.
When intermission was called, audience members exprssed their appreciation for the high quality performance they had seen right in their own hometown, and then shmoozed in the Matnas Gush Etzion lobby over delicious hot soup. The series, organized by Sima Gal, Director of the Music Department of the Matnas of Gush Etzion, is off to a succssful start.
In a little over two weeks, on Motzei Shabbat, January 16, 2010, the Matnas of Gush Etzion will present the second in its series of five concerts, Classical Music in Gush Etzion. The performance will feature flute and harp in "From Bach to the East."
It will be followed by "The Soul of the Violin" and "A Piano Recital" by conductor and pianist extraordinaire Paul Salter of Alon Shvut. The last of the series will feature the Jerusalem Academy Chamber Orchestra.
To take a peek at some memorable moments from the series' first concert, click here.
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You can still order season tickets by emailing For further information,, 02-993-7999. Add the warmth of music to your winter.

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