Monday, December 14, 2009

A Chanukah Wedding

I was going to title this blog, A MATCH MADE IN VOICES, but the story I am about to tell is so much deeper than that, that I called its A CHANUKAH WEDDING.
But I will start at the beginning so you can really appreciate this special wedding.
About four months ago, a guy named Shimon took out a full page ad on page 2 of Voices, looking for a shiddach (match). Friends called me immediately, "Is this for real? What do you know about him? What kind of a person would put an ad in a magazine, asking for a shiddach?" You know what kind of person? A person who won't leave a stone unturned in his search for his beshert (intended).
Shimon was 39, and had pledged himself that he would be married before he turned 40. So, he took the next proactive step. He took out a full page ad in Voices. And he himself made sure that that ad was seen everywhere!!!
A short time later, a young woman from the Sharon Region, near Tel Aviv, traveled to Jerusalem to pray at the Kotel (the Wailing Wall) that Hashem help her find her intended. Walking through the Old City, looking all around, as she made her way to the Kotel, she saw the Voices ad. "What? A nice 39 year old guy was looking for a shiddach? Who wouldn't jump at that?" Yael told me at the wedding.
Well, Yael answered the ad. They dated. They decided. And they planned the wedding for Chanukah. Rav Micha Peled, Shimon's chevruta (learning partner) from two decades ago insisted that he make the wedding for his old friend. Since Rav Micha is the chief rabbi of Bet Horon, the wedding would be held in the shul there. Friends came from as far as Tzfat and Nahariya.
My husband, Israel, publisher of Voices, was invited to be a witness to the Tenayim (engagement contract), and to give a blessing to bride and groom before the wedding. HaRav Zev Leff read the ketuba (marriage certificate). Rabbi Hoffman of the Hoffman Shabbat Minyan at the Kotel gave a bracha (blessing) under the chuppah (wedding canopy), as did other friends of Shimon.
Then Rav Micha spoke.
We were standing there on Chanukah in Bet Horon, the first location where despite the overwhelming odds against Yehuda HaMaccabee, the Jewish people defeated the Greeks in Battle, B"H. Overwhelming odds do not stop Hashem from doing anything. With G-d's help, we can defeat a giant enemy. With G-d's help we can go against all odds, split the sea and find out intended mate, IY"H.
Standing under the chuppah was our Chattan (groom) - Shimon Mattityahu. Mattityahu, the holy Kohen and father of the five Chashmonaim brothers. Shimon, the third Chashmonaim ruler and the son who Matityahu felt was the wisest of all.

And beside him was his Kallah (bride) - Yael Miriam. Yael, who like Yehudit of the Chanukah story, vanquished the evil foreign general. Miriam, one of the last members of the Chasmonaim family.
So, what more natural circumstances could there have been, than this wonderful Chanukah wedding in Bet Horon?!
If you are single - NEVER GIVE UP. There is someone for you. Be proactive like Shimon. And may Hashem bring your beshert (intended) quickly.

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  1. As a former single 30-something year old. I totally agree with Shimon, Yael and Sharon. Never give up! I always believed I would find someone and prayed to him and G-d every day that we would find each other. I accepted shidduchim and used different avenues to "put myself out there". It took me 34 years and a few continents to find him and him to find me. But we did, here in Israel, 4 years and 1 and 1/2 babies ago. Believe it, imagine it, describe your intended, call out to him/her. These days we all could use a little help from above and right here.