Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doves for Gilad Shalit

Ah, the gentle dove - we can all picture it, white and chubby with little black loving eyes. Its coo is soothing, and its characteristic faithfulness has been inspirational since the day Noah first set it free from the ark.
More than anything else today, a dove symbolizes peace. Noah's dove with an olive branch in its beak is looked upon internationally as the soaring aspiration for which we all strive.
Well, there are actually dozens of types of doves, all sizes and shapes and colors.
Recently the Mamilla Mall presented an Israeli Dove Exhibition. Hundreds of beautiful doves, from the Association of Dove Lovers in Israel. Row upon row of dove cages filled the upper level of the Mall and both adults and children enjoyed feeding the doves, drawing them and participating in workshops about their care and feeding.
I read that the Exhibition was being launched with a Dove Send-Off for the Release of Gilad Shalit. How appropriate, since the safe return of soldier Gilad Shalit is exactly the kind of event for which we yearn. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was set to launch the dove with a personal note praying for peace.
Voices TV visited the Dove Exhibition and you can visit along with us in a video soon to be uploaded to the net at .

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