Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hashem Loves Me

Today I spoke to three non-connected people in New York about the situation with Hurricane Sandy. One was evacuated from her home on Long Island to the Borough of Queens. One remained in her house and is now surrounded by a lake on her property. The third is in charge of an apartment house in New York City. When I asked each one of them how they're doing in this storm, their answer was, "Hashem loves me."
Each one! "Hashem loves me."
The same phrase, each one a different reason, but the same phrase.
The first was sent to Queens because of the flooding danger in her Long Island neighborhood. Indeed her street and all the homes on the street were flooded. Telephone service was non-existent. Trees came down and the damage has not yet been assessed. She had made it out of her block to a nice dry apartment in Queens just in time. When I asked how she was, she responded, "Hashem loves me."
My second friend's home stands above the flood like Noah's ark on Mt. Ararat. Most of the neighborhood is without power, but she said, "We are among the few with power. Hashem loves me."
My third friend is a custodian in a New York City apartment house. I had heard about all the damage to buildings around the city. He said, however, that his building was dry inside. There were no leaks. The apartment house was holding up. "Hashem loves me."
When I heard the phrase for the third time, it absolutely excited me.
Things are pretty bleak in New York right now. The photos from Long Island and New York City are very frightening. But three individuals (and countless others like them) counted their blessings today, and realized that good things happened to them because Hashem loves them.
Friends, we don't need a hurricane or a natural disaster to know that Hashem loves us. He watches over us each day from the moment we get up in the morning and begin our first breath until we get back into bed at night. When we don't slip on the soap in the shower or when we find a parking space on a busy street, when we remember where our keys are or get a pay check just before we get a bill, we each must realize, "Hashem loves me."
When we pass a test or have a surprise visit from our grandchildren, when we get to the gas station just before the red gas light goes on or get to the bank just a moment before the doors close, we should acknowledge, "Hashem loves me."
There are an infinite numbers of reasons to believe Hashem loves us.
Meanwhile, I'm happy Hashem loves my three friends. He also loves me...and you!

Thanks to Shani for the photos of her backyard. B"H the damage outside didn't harm anyone inside. Obviously, Hashem loves her and her family.


  1. So the point is to say and know that "Hashem loves me" even when we don't get that parking space, or when the bank doors close 10 seconds before we get there. Rav Shalom Arush and his English translator Rav Lazer Brody detail this concept in "The Garden of Gratitude." Hashem loves us through what we perceive as the good times and what we perceive as the bad times.