Monday, October 29, 2012

Dissonance in My Mind

I am praying in my little corner. The wind is swaying my flowers just enough to soothe me, while the teeny birds on the tree branch above call out their friendship to one another in the delicate peeps. If it were a normal day, only my rival - that bee who believes this is HIS garden - would have the ability to bother my total serenity.
But even in this perfect weather in my perfect corner, I am too troubled to find my own inner peace - even for 20 minutes. I am thinking of our brethren in the South who are being bombarded by Gaza, about the deafening booms around them, about the shaking of the ground beneath their feet, about the children who wish they were in their mothers' arms and about the mothers who are pacing the floors waiting for the bus to return them home.
I am thinking of my family far away who have had to evacuate their home in the face of a hurricane. We pray for rain, and in New York today, rain is their enemy.
The breeze is so gentle in my garden today. But there is turbulence in my mind. May Hashem protect our brethren and good people everywhere.


  1. From the point of view of someone who lives in the Jerusalem area but has friends and family in the eye of the storm(s), you totally nailed it.

  2. I spent the morning calmly walking around Elon Moreh with my infant daughter collecting cuttings for my succulent/cactus garden while friends in the south were concerned primarily with the missile threat from Gaza. Family and friends in America are busy avoiding the path of Hurricane Sandy. I'm supposedly living in a more dangerous area, but it doesn't seem that way.

  3. Yes, for sure.
    It's so much safer here in the HolyLand.
    I grew up in NY and we never had such weather.