Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Efratians Protest Stone Throwing

Following a stone throwing incident at its Northern exit earlier tonight, Efratians protested with their feet. They walked along the Northern Road from Efrat to Highway 60, carrying Israeli flags, to demand more protection from security forces - both police and military - and raise awareness to the stone throwing dangers on Efrat's northern exit. Efratians want a beefed up security presence in that northern area.
Highway 60, Hebron, Talmon and tonight Efrat were targets of today's Arab stone throwing. Read this
No one should be complacent about " just stone-throwing". We're not talking about little kids with pebbles skimming stones on the side of the mountain.
Arab terrorists are engaging in road terror in which they drive by Jewish cars on the opposite side of the road and hurl boulders into their windows. Not only are the windows shattered, but those inside the vehicle are injured, sometimes severely.
Tragically in the case of Kiryat Arba residents Asher Palmer, 25, and his one-year-old son, Yonatan, the stone-throwing was fatal, and both father and son were murdered by Arab stone throwers in September of last year.
The increase in stone throwing incidents is happening everywhere throughout Judea and Samaria. A glimpse of security expert/medic Yehudit Tayar's latest report
Here's a sample of only three days:

"September 11 - North-west of Ramallah at Turmus Aya Arabs attacked Israeli vehicles with rocks causing damage near Karnei Shomron. Arabs attacked Israeli vehicle from the community of Kedumim with rocks causing damage.
September 12, 2012 - Female driver reached Ophra in the Benjamin Regional Council and reported that in the Charamia Valley rocks were thrown at her from a moving Arab taxi causing damage to the vehicle.
September 13, 2012
Gush Etzion-Hevron Highway, Arabs attack Israeli vehicles with rocks.
Bet Romano in Hevron attacked by Arabs with rocks."

Yehudit Tayar's complete report gives a full, yet frightening description of the  stone throwing incidents over the past few months.
It Can't Happen Here
Many people in my town of Efrat look at our community as a plush suburb of Jerusalem. But Efratians are discovering unfortunately that there are dangers, as well.
Tonight one of my neighbors was stoned, coming home through the Northern Access Road. Stonings have occurred on the Northern Road before. 
Following the incident,  more than a half dozen cars met at the Northern Security Booth, drove along the traffic circle, and then 20 residents marched with Israeli flags to the Efrat- Bet Lechem Junction. They positioned themselves all over the Junction, and warned drivers about the stone throwing on the road.
Eventually, IDF soldiers arrived to patrol the area. Efratians insist that Army patrols traverse that route more frequently.
Tonight's demonstration, or perhaps it can be called a civilian patrol, was organized in less than 45 minutes. Some of the participants told the soldiers that while they hope there will be no further need for these patrols, if there is another attack, more than 250 Efratians will answer the call, because everyone's life is in danger, due to this new and unchecked form of terror.
Praying for everyone's safety, and that stone throwers will be caught and prosecuted fully.

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  1. Boker tov and chodesh tov Sharon. I am so happy that you explained beautifully that the stones and rocks are not pebbles that can do no harm but boulders that can main and kill. Many years ago my brother and his family lived in Kiryat Arab. While taking a sherut [private mini bus] to Yerushalayim, arabs starting throwing rocks. My brother was in the front seat, his family in the back. He yelled to them to get on the floor. As a boulder came crashing though the front windshield, he used his hands to protect his eyes. The boulder hit his arm,cracked the bone and ricocheted and hit the driver in the eye. Fortunately he did not loose his vision. May Hashem's Hand always protect Am Yisrael!