Monday, April 4, 2011

Secular Hysteria

I read an article in JPost about a recent Haifa University Population Study that screamed from Secular Hysteria. "Save us. Save us. The Chareidim are coming." Well, the author of the Haifa study didn't say those exact words, but that's what he meant. The Haifa study predicted that Torah-true Jews would be the majority in the State of Israel by the year 2030 with Chareidim numbering 1 million of them , IY"H. The Haifa report warned Israeli decision-makers to "come to their senses," or else "the Zionist vision will come to a tragic end" if the religious become the majority in the State of Israel. Hellooo, who do the Haifa authors believe were the first Zionists? In modern times, they were the religious Jews of Europe who followed the Zionist dreams of the Bible. In ancient times, they were Abraham and his descendants, who followed the word of Hashem. When the children of Israel were in the desert, they were taught...when you go into the Land...if you follow the word of G-d... That was the goal, not the fear, that the Jewish people would live in the Land of Israel according to the Torah. Go to any old yishuv museum - Rishon LeZion, Netanya, Zichron Yaakov, Mazkeret Batya. Look at the photos on the wall (at left, Rishon LeZion's early family). The first Zionists who founded their towns were all religious G-d fearing Jews - hats, long coats, wives with their hair covered. I don't know of any exception to this. Look at the Founders Walls of any of Israel's early towns. They look like Rabbinic Yeshiva photos. (At left, Zichron Yaakov early family) The Haifa study claims that the rise of religious Jews in Israel is the end of Zionism and the end of the State. Perhaps the authors of the study are afraid it's the beginning of the real State of Israel as G-d meant it to be. The study warned, "Education will become Torah-based, courts will be operated according to Jewish religious law and much of the media will undergo a transformation in which a large amount of the content it broadcasts will disappear.” Torah-based education? Hooray. A Jewish State that knows its heritage, that is rooted in the eternal principles of the Holy Books, that has Jewish morals and values. America's entire legal system, education system and social system was based on the Torah when George Washington and Ben Franklin helped create a new nation. They wanted a State based on Biblical values, and look at America today (or at least pre-Obama today) of the greatest nations in the world. Religious law? Jewish religious law is the envy of the entire world, except perhaps Secular Leftists of Israel. It's about treating all man with dignity, being honest in business, what witnesses are acceptable, proclaim liberty throughout the land... Reforming broadcast TV? Yippee. Bring on quality television. Trash the trash. JPost stated that "the report warns that if current demographic trends continue, Israel could cease to exist." What hate-mongering rubbish! Israel will not only continue to exist, IY"H, it will flourish. It will be everything that it can be. A proud Jewish State, something for which we've prayed for 2000 years.

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