Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meitzad for Young Chareidi Families

The sun was shining. The view to the Dead Sea was breathtaking. It was a perfect day for families to take a country outing.
We attended a Pesach Happening in the small town of Meitzad in Eastern Gush Etzion. Children played on the jumping castles and in the parks, while parents took walking tours on the quiet streets.
Meitzad is a serious Torah community that is hoping new young families will join them. As rents increase in Jerusalem, Kiryat Sefer, Betar and other Chareidi areas in Israel, young couples are having a very hard time finding a place to build their future.
Meitzad is a perfect answer to the housing crunch and a place where young religious families can raise their children in a deep Torah atmosphere - of learning, good deeds and yirat shamayim (devotion to Torah). The families living there today are warm, helpful to one other, involved in chesed (deeds of kindness)and imbued with positive Jewish values.
Visitors to the Passover Happening were impressed by the young families that greeted them, the pastoral atmosphere, and the opportunities for growth and development. In addition to the renovated caravans and the small villas available, there is an area that will soon have 80 new homes built on it.
With a beautiful synagogue, a kollel, ganim (preschools), medical services and transportation to and from the community, Meitzad is an ideal location for young families. Contact (02) 993-8395, (052) 605-1456.
To get a peek at the Pesach Happening, click here:

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