Friday, April 15, 2011

Bye, Bye, "Smalltown"

Motzei Shabbat (Saturday evening) - It's a really comforting feeling knowing that there are places in the world where everyone knows everyone else's name, where they watch out for each others' kids, where they never have to worry about running out of milk or eggs (because there's a neighbor always ready to give you theirs), where you don't have to lock your door, where crime is unknown.
A place like that used to be called a small town. Walking down Smalltown's streets, you wave to everyone you see, you have a funny remark for every little kid, and you know what Mrs. Cohen made for dinner on Friday night.

Smalltown is a place where you feel warm and secure, like in the arms of your grandmother.

My hometown was like that when I was a child. As I grew older, the community's innocence faded.

Here in Israel there are still towns like that. There was actually one very near to my home.

Unfortunately last week, Arabs broke in to the town, cutting the fence and robbing a family. B"H, they didn't have time for anything else, because the community alarm was sounded immediately and they made a fast dash for it. They stole a car and drove out through the break in the fence. No, they haven't been caught yet.

Thank G-d, they just stole money and valuables. Those things can be replaced. B"H, no one was hurt, but everyone is shaken.

Smalltown doesn't feel so innocent anymore. When they go to sleep at night, Smalltown's families are locking their windows and their doors. Slight noises are making everyone jump. Shadows are looking scary.

I'm upset to see Paradise Lost. It's sad to know that a little town with big hopes and dreams for a better world was hit in face by reality.

B"H it was just money.

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