Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goldstone, Gather Your Feathers

Jpost editor David Horowitz wrote a very powerful and excellent column about the too-little-too-late apology written by Richard Goldstone in the Washington Post. Goldstone now claims that if he had known then what he knows now, he would not have so virulently condemned Israel's operations in Operation Cast Lead (in which Israel tried to destroy the terrorist infrastructure that was launches kassams at innocent Israeli civilians). But his Goldstone Report was damming in every way. Goldstone has now tried to assuage his guilty-conscious, but didn't really apologize to Israel. When you make claims that are simply NOT TRUE, and you do something SOOOOOOO terrible and damaging, it's extremely hard to apologize, but a MENTSCH would have. David Horowitz wrote, "An apology just isn’t good enough. The very least he owes Israel is to work unstintingly from now on to try to undo the damage he has caused." He should go from country to country, making appointments with the officials of every nation to retract his statements. He should meet with every committee of the UN, the World Bank, the Hague, the Church, the churches, every organization and tell them his report was wrong. He should write an op-ed in every newspaper in the world. He should go on every talk show to apologize. One article in the Washington Post doesn't do it. He has spread feathers of deceit, danger and lashon hara around the world that have damaged Israel tremendously. Let him go gather the feathers.

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  1. Well said, my friend. The most powerful lesson I personally have received in the insidious danger of spreading tales. He cannot repair the damage; but as you and Mr. Horowitz have stated so clearly, a mentsch would put in a great deal of effort to try.