Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation Rule 101

The car's packed. Off you go.
Just one thing...Never go on vacation thinking you are going to create exactly the same magic you conjured up on your previous trip. I'm talking to myself on this one, because I make this mistake all the time.
But nothing is ever the same - not the weather, your accommodations, your fellow vacationers, your budget, plus loads of other variables.
Don't let change disappoint you. Navigate around it. Make new magic.
Go on vacation with the attitude of new discovery and a readiness to explore different kinds of fun and adventures.


Vacations are called get-aways for a reason. They're meant to take you away to another environment to challenge your creativity, your imagination and introduce new realities that will broaden your life experiences.
It's comforting to relive happy memories and it's exciting to try to recreate a wonderful episode in our lives.
But there's nothing as refreshing and exhilarating as uncovering yet another adventure that will sparkle in our hearts forever.

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