Sunday, July 15, 2012

Calendar Centers the Week on Shabbat

There's a new weekly calendar on the market that brings Shabbat back to the center of our focus. Created by Bet El resident Sarah Feld of Kamti Press with Tsila Antman, the calendar shows all the days of the week revolving around Shabbat, just like the planets revolve around the sun.
"The Shabbat, just like the sun, rejuvenates us, and makes our life happier and healthier" Sarah said.
She explained further, "This innovative, yet easy to use calendar will be a constant reminder of the centrality of the Day of Rest for body, mind and soul. The concept of the six days forming a hexagon with Shabbat at the center is taken from a kabbalistic source. It suggests that the six days of the week form a wedding canopy within which is the Sabbath, the bride."
The calendar is both in English and Hebrew. And there's a pasuk (verse) or saying on every page that provides a beautiful thought about the Sabbath day.
Sarah created the calendar, because she wanted people to be reminded that our existences should be more spiritual, with more of an emphasis on Shabbat.
The calendar can be purchased at bookstores in Jerusalem, or ordered at 02-997-8641 or, .

To hear Sarah speak about the new Shabbat Calendar:

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