Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daddy Camp - a Dog of a Different Color

In neighborhoods through Israel and perhaps throughout the world, when camp is officially over, parents take turns making their own Parent Camp. Usually mothers take turns treating the children to their special talents - baking cookies, making jewelry, sewing, drawing, etc. Sometimes Big Sister takes the kids to the park or watches them ride bikes.
Today was my children's day for Parent Camp, and my son stepped into the act for part of the day. He created a Daddy Camp that was surely unique, and will surely not be forgotten.

My son grooms dogs for Holy Land Poodles. His own five miniature poodles are like frisky little teddy bears - friendly and fun, cuddly and cute. He decided to create a Dog Show for his Daddy Camp. Each camper was given one of the pups to groom and teach a trick. They could do anything they liked - comb their hair, make pony tails, wash their faces or anything else. They could fluff the puppies, tame their curls, whatever their imagination allowed. 
The girls had the most fun camp ever, creating fur fashions that would make the famous hair stylist Vidal Sasson jealous. The puppies, who are incredibly great sports, even seemed to enjoy the attention they were getting.
And the results were smashing.
After Daddy Camp was over, the dogs were paraded up and down the synthetic grass runway and awarded points for their appearance. The girls lobbied for the dog they had groomed.
Beauty Pageant
As one of the judges, I found that (top photo from left to right)  Snowy had the whitest face, Lacey had the cutest paws, Jasmine had the nicest pony tail, Dallas had the smoothest ears, and Rako was the fluffiest cotton ball-pup.

Talent Competition
Then it was trick time. Truthfully, red headed Jasmine was the only mini-poodle who exhibited any talent. She jumped for a string. The others were more inclined to lie around to have their bellies scratched. And that was fine too.
Daddy Camp - it should be a new tradition.

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  1. Wonderful! Looks like the campers had an amazing day. Kol HaKavod to your son....