Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wonders inside and outside of My House

I found two memos that I had written into my phone a few weeks ago. At first I was going to erase them, but they meant enough to me at the time to take note, and I thought, "How wonderful that sometimes life can seem so normal and serene that we can take notice of two quiet and eternal moments."
Tra La
The first flowers of spring popped out in front of my house yesterday. When I saw them, I became as excited as if I had seen an amazing wonder - the pyramids of Egypt, the hanging gardens of Babylon or the waterfalls at Tel Dan. Now that might seem odd. I've B"H seen decades of seasonal changes. And I've seen many a winter turn to spring, but after a cold and B"H rainy winter, seeing a yellow bud popping up in front of my fish pond hit me hard (in a good way)!!!  I love the spring and all the hope it brings. And I am grateful for the signs that show that despite the doom and gloom that are detailed daily, there is beauty in the world. Sometimes it is right in our own little garden. The flowers that bloom in the spring Tra la.
A Beautiful Sight inside My House
My dearest mother ad 120 (until 120) put my grandchildren to sleep tonight. She put them into pajamas and hugged them and laughed with them. I am filled with gratitude to Hashem for allowing my grandchildren and my mother to have this experience. B"H, I wish it on everyone we love. Thank You, G-d.

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