Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gearing Up at the Pina Chama for Independence Day

Every year residents of Efrat and Gush Etzion put together a mega-barbecue at the Pina Chama (Soldiers Hospitality Hut) as a thank-you to the hundreds of servicemen and women who protect our communities from the southern gate of Jerusalem through the Hills of Hebron, from the Lamed Hei (on the way to Bet Shemesh) to Eastern Gush Etzion.
It's an incredible experience for volunteers and soldiers alike, as warm smiles and BBQ smells abound.
I popped by the Pina Chama today to see how things are progressing for tomorrow, IY"H.
Food donations had started coming in, especially dozens of boxes of cookies donated by Gili's Goodies, and more boxes donated by a Friend of Pina Chama. The fridge's humous shelf was filling up, and boxes of soda have begun to arrive.
Everyone is excited about tomorrow's BBQ, from our grillers, to our salad scoopers, to our soldiers who will be coming from near and far.
The BBQ could use more sponsors. Please write to if you can help. 

Let's make it a Happy Independence Day for the men and women of the Israel Defense Forces.

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