Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And the Israeli Groom Wore Israeli Shoes

How many Greeks does it take to unscrew a light bulb? I don't really know. But here's another one. How many relatives does it take to buy a pair of shoes for a chattan (a groom)? That I can tell you - five (the parents, the aunt and uncle, and the little sister). And they each had an opinion (believe you me :) ).
I know, because that's exactly how many of us went yesterday to get my son, the chattan, shoes for his wedding. 
We visited three well-recommended shoe stores where he tried on dozens of well-recommended shoes. He needed a 45 Medium, which seemed not to exist anywhere. The shoe salesmen showed in 44 Wide, 45 Narrow, 45 Wide, 44 Very Wide. 
"It's crunching because it's too wide." "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." 
 "It feels too tight in the front." "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." 
"It's hurting my feet." "So... my shoes are hurting my feet too." 
We didn't just try John Smith Shoes. We tried Rockports and Hush Puppies. Nothing was just right. So, we gave up and went out for hamburgers. That always makes a shoe shopper feel better. Suddenly as the small Mall in which we were eating was winding down, I wondered if there were any shoe stores inside, even if they were closed. 
My husband decided to run up the already halted escalator to see if there was anything on the second floor. He SMSed me. "They're open." And we all ran up to a tiny shoe store. 
8:33 PM, the salesmen greeted our entourage with true consideration. Again, he tried things that were too big, too small, too tight, not right. Then the sales woman brought out a pair of shoes that she "had a feeling about." 
 And BINGO!! They felt fine. They fit fine. And on top of all that, they were made in Israel. 
Wow. In a world where just about everything is made in China, here were wonderful shoes for our Israeli groom and they were actually made in Israel. 
Oh-man, Oman! 
I'd like to thank the Oman Shoe Company for manufacturing sturdy and comfortable shoes for my son. Founded in the city of Jaffa in 1963 under the name "Tunic shoes", the company moved in 1977 to Tel Aviv, and was renamed Oman Shoe Industries Ltd. Their specialties were work shoes and men's shoes. While they do import some Italian designs today, Oman still produces comfortable and good looking shoes in Israel today. 
Hooray for black shoes that are blue and white.


  1. Mazal-Tov on your son's being a Chatan. May you and your husband have only nachas and simchas from your young couple. Mazal-Tov to the Chatan and Kallah. May you share many beautiful and fulfilling years together.


  2. Israeli shoes and sandals are the best in the world!!! mazaltov!

  3. Great blog post, Sharon. He should wear them in good health, or as my late dad (A"H) used to say, "Tear them in good health." Mazal Tov!

  4. The groom is the other big star in a wedding and his outfit is no less important than the bride's. You have to be perfect from head to foot.