Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dead Sea - a Wonder for Me

For the past four years, a contest has been underway to choose the seven wonders of nature. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide voted for their favorite natural sites. Maybe you voted too.
Having seen the Dead Sea up close, having “bathed” in its waters, I was sure that this site should be included in the Seven Wonders.
I even blogged about it, and encouraged readers to vote for the Dead Sea:
Well, it didn’t win. Instead, the winners (which will be validated in the next few months) included the Amazon, Vietnam's Halong Bay, the Iguazu Falls of Argentina and Brazil, South Korea's Jeju Island, Indonesia's Komodo, the Puerto Princesa Underground River of the Philippines and South Africa's Table Mountain.
The winners were chosen from 440 locations in 220 countries.
The Dead Sea was one of the 28 finalists, but it didn’t come up in the top seven.
So what?
One of the top 28 is also amazing.
We can’t be too disappointed. The places listed above are also true wonders.
Other locations that were truly incredible didn’t make the top seven either – the Grand Canyon, the Galapagos Islands and Mount Vesuvius. Well, we’re in good company.
I’m still proud of the Dead Sea. To me and millions of others, it’s still a wonder. In fact, this week’s parsha, Vayeira told us how the Dead Sea was created with the destruction of Sodom. What timing!!
I’m sure there’s a midrash somewhere that says that when evil is destroyed from the earth, the Dead Sea will live again. I’ll have to look it up and keep you posted.


  1. Gadi sent this comment:

    "The prophet Yechezkel describes, in the chapters about the [future] Temple, a vision of future redemption in which the Divine Presence will return to Jerusalem, and the Temple will be rebuilt upon its foundations, and the prince and the priests will rule with righteousness and judgment in the land (see, for example, 45:9-15; 46:18). In chapter 47 the prophet describes the Divine blessing that will be bestowed upon the entire land [5]. The prophet describes water emerging from under the threshold of the House of God eastward, and as the water spreads eastward it becomes a flowing stream, irrigating and reviving the area, until it reaches the Dead Sea. This influx desalinates the salt water and revives all forms of life in the area.

    At the end of this prophecy, Yechezkel declares: "And by this stream there shall arise on its banks, on this side and on that side, every type of fruit tree; their leaves will not wither, nor shall their fruit fail. They shall give new fruit every month, for their waters issue from the Temple, so their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing."

    Beyond the revival of the Dead Sea and the renewal of all life in and around it, this prophecy speaks of a return to a situation of the Garden of Eden…"

    May it be so.

  2. That's the "Sea of Salt" you're writing about, isn't it? The scientists say that there is some (micro?) organism that is living in there and I heard that the prophets said that it will again turn to a body of clean water.
    -don't know the sources, but am awaiting Moshiach, Sanhedrin, and the Beit Ha Mikdash and for the Sea of Salt (as I have always called it) to change back to clean water. The scientists say that there is clean water coming up from underneath and some tributaries coming in also.