Friday, October 14, 2011

More on Gilad Shalit, Terrorists and Sukkot

I told my children and grandchildren that Gilad Shalit would be home for Sukkot. They almost jumped out of their chairs. "B'H," they said. Then I told them that the price for his release was about 1300 murdering terrorists.
My daughter-in-law said, "You know, Ema. If you had said that at any other time I would be frightened, but here in the sukkah we understand a different message. People all over the world are afraid of evil. They lock their doors. They close themselves up tight."
"We people of faith go out into our flimsy Sukkot with no lockable doors on them. Not only do we eat there and spend the day there, we and our children sleep there. Sukkot reminds us, and we always need the reminder that Hashem watches over His people. He is our roof, our lock, our protection. So you tell me terrorists will soon be freed. Of course, I tremble, but I look at our sukkah and I have to have faith in Our Protector, and pray that we all deserve His protection."
Chag sameach.

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