Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Heartbreak of Terror Victims' Families

For the past two days the main news has been the appeals by families of terror victims that their loved ones' murderers should not go free in the prisoner exchange. The High Court was turned down every petition. No heartbreak, no reasoning were justified by the courts. The exchange has to go through just as planned.
Sherry Mandel of Gush Etzion lost her son Koby to Arab terrorists. In http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-EdContributors/Article.aspx?id=242130, she wrote of the pain that still haunts her today, and her desire to keep innocent people from becoming the next victims of these Islamic terrorists.
My heart goes out to all the terror victims' families who feel that the blood of their loved one will not be avenged on this earth. I am so sorry, but IY"H, G-d will avenge their blood.
My heart breaks for the Schijveschuurder family that lost their parents and siblings. The story of the bravery of the young Schijveschuurder children and their parents who died in the Sbarro massacre will never be forgotten. And yet one of the surviving Schijveschuurder was so desperate after the court denied his family's plea to rescind transfer for Ahlam Tamimi, the Arab woman who was instrumental in the attack, that he graffitied the Yitzhak Rabin memorial in Tel Aviv as a way to protest the upcoming deal.The Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai said, "Hands that allow themselves to hurt what is sacred and important to the people of Israel must be cut off," he said. A stone is sacred and important? And a child of terror victims is not? A stone is sacred and important, and its defacer should have his hands cut off???? Well, what should happen to the murderer of a mother, a father, a child? Someone should show Ron Huldai what in the world is really important - Jewish children and parents, alive, laughing, running, learning Torah. 
The Schijveschuurder's story is beyond sad. Their family was taken from them. And now their murderers will walk free. We pray that the release of Arab terrorists does not make other Schijveschuurders. Hashem yishmor.
We pray for Your Salvation to save us, Hashem.

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  1. Tragically, the whole 'Medina' is a 'sick dog.'
    Remember the 'Avi Mamara' (Spell?) episode?
    The PM sends wonderful young Jewish soldiers into a dangerous situation, needlessly. They should have warned the captain and then fired on him, escorted the boat, arrested the terrorists, etc. and kept the boat...they r e t u r n e d it!
    I met religious Jews who tell me I'm not a diplomat! I answered, Boruch HaShem.
    I'm a 'Kohaine' first. Jealous for G-d's honor.
    The mentality of most/many Israelis is: 'We are the tail and they are the head.'
    I just returned from a 3-week visit and this is the feeling I received. I spoke to a number of Israelis about this boat incident (Typifies the state...amongst other things.) and some wouldn't talk about it...embarrassed...they KNEW I was right!
    I have a rich and influential relative who lives in northern Israel and she agreed to the Gaza expulsion...otherwise there might be a war!
    ( I was quiet...I thought :"Give in to bullies and you'll get more WAR!"
    Would she give up her home to appease terrorists?
    If 'The Medina' was an individual it would have been institutionalized long ago for being self-destructive. They slipped out of it.
    Horrific and tragic is this Shalit deal.
    The leader of the generation, 'The Lubavitcher Rebbe, MH"M, is against it. (Please, if you don't recognize 'The Rebbe' try to slip out of your vanity and into something more comfortable.)