Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrating Terror

Last night on the Sabbath as we were about to enter our Sukkot, we heard shooting or fireworks or something and rushed outside. On the road was a line of 50 to 100 cars driving slowly passed my town. Every few moments the lead car shot off fireworks. Since the Jewish communities in my region were celebrating Shabbat, all was quiet around us. So the sound of the fireworks seemed louder than usual.
It was the beginning of the jubilant Arab celebrations of the release of Islamic terrorists with blood on their hands - cold blooded murderers.
Does anyone see that there is something wrong with celebrating terror, idolizing terror, worshiping death?
IY"H, we will be celebrating soon the return of Gilad Schalit, a Jewish soldier (may he really return and be alive and well). We will be celebrating life, as they continue to celebrate terror and death.

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