Monday, July 18, 2011

Glenn Beck or You

Folks are crazed about Glenn Beck. They either love him to pieces, or they fear his Christian ulterior motives. Nobody's actually sure if he wants to strengthen Israel because he really has a deep admiration and devotion to this Land, or he wants to see Israel's Golden Day so that his version of the Messiah can make his entry.
Glenn Beck (seen above left on GBTV, photo from his website) is in Israel now hugging Land-lovers, dodging Arab antagonists and avoiding anti-missionary-watchdogs.
What is Glenn Beck really?
** He has spoken out for Israel when few have been as courageous.
** He has spoken out against an American president that many say are bad for America (in addition to being bad for Israel).
** Whether you like him or not, whether you feel he's touring Israel for personal, religious or honest motives, he has absolutely shown courage in the face of criticism and suspicion.
So, is he a secret/not-secret missionary?
Should we fear his rally in Jerusalem?
I truly have no idea.
But I'd like to talk to all Beck's critics, critics of all Christian Zionists, and any lover of Israel.
Glenn Beck and Christian Zionists speak out for Israel.
Where are you when the microphone is turned on at a rally? Who is the great Jewish leader to get up in front of hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands to speak up for Israel?
Regular believing Christians write proud and moving articles or letters to the editor in newspapers, on the internet and talkbacks worldwide. How many times have you said, "I wish there was a Jewish person who spoke so eloquently in defense of Israel." Where was your article, your letter to the editor, your talkback?
Where are today's Jewish heroes and heroines who can draw the crowds to stand up for Israel? Where are the Jewish media darlings who can speak for Israel and start the cameras rolling at his/her appearance?
I don't mean politicians. I mean real honest to goodness people who speak and can light up the hearts of man to love and defend Israel.
If we don't want Christian Zionists to ignite the Zionist or ethical or moral souls of the world, then let's find some Jewish person who can gather myriads around him and call out to the world that "G-d created the world and He gave Israel to the Jewish people as His eternal gift."
If you don't want Glenn Beck to do it, then you do it, or find someone else to do it.
Israel needs a spokesman now. If Christians or Christian Zionists take that role now, that's your/my fault, because we haven't provided an alternative.
So, who's it going to be, Glenn Beck or You?


  1. well said. we need to up our game considerably. but lest we admire the boldness of a beck from our own (highly constrained and embarrassed) perspective, it's important to note that one of the characteristics of apocalyptic believers is that, believing the rules are about to change imminently, they lose all inhibition. boldness and folly are kissing cousins.

  2. Jewish Israel has issued another column which addresses your very real concerns about hasbara. See

    With regards to Beck's critics, I think it's important to know that those who have published critical pieces about Beck such as, the counter missionary group Jewish Israel, Moshe Feiglin and Professor Richard Landes have all been in the forefront of the Israel hasbara battle at one time or another, and continue in that direction.

    In addition, all of those parties have had close relations and involvement with pro-Israel Christian groups.

    Other outspoken critics have been missionaries and involved in evangelical churches prior to converting to Judaism or joining Bnei Noach groups.

    So critics of Beck have very real concerns.

    If this uncomfortable debate surrounding Glenn Beck's plans for 8/24 in Jerusalem can challenge us Jews to think critically, and to remember who we are, where we are standing, and the obligations incumbent upon us, then we can truly thank Mr. Beck.

    Wishing Am Yisrael a meaningful Fast.

    Ellen Horowitz

    Content and Research Director

  3. beware esav's kiss.

  4. If we Jews are solid in our knowledge and in our faith we can relate to Glenn Beck and any others without fear that they will somehow trick us. We must allow that our Christian friends may not realize if they are stepping over the fine line between support and conversion. We can attempt to respectfully explain to them that there are boundaries that should be respected.
    I recently read of a group of Christians who visited a Jewish town in the territories. All but one decided then and there to end their missionary activities among Jews. The only hold out was a Jew who had converted to Christianity.
    We should always make allowance for honest mistakes and not reject support until and unless we have tested for sincerity.

  5. where are the jews standing up and saying "no" to beck? the jews who stand up and say: beck does not speak for israel! he does not speak for the jewish people! the jewish people and the state of israel does not need beck or any other goy to speak for us!

    where are these voices???