Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I remember my older son telling me that he always made me soldiers stop and drink water. "Everyone at the same time - 1, 2, 3, drink. Okay, keep marching."
Whenever my dearest mother ad 120 comes to visit, I remind her every half hour, "Have some of your water. Dehydration is v-e-r-y bad." Being from New York, and not a water aficionado, she just humored me, taking a tiny swig, but always adding, "I never drink." And I always add, "That's very bad!"
Well, last week, I had the busiest week possible. I ran from errand to errand, from family appointment to volunteering, from shopping to dropping (literally). It was my week off, so I tried to get every possible experience into it.
But the sun of Israel is hot and unrelenting. The air is dry and sucks up all the liquid in plant and man alike. Here, more than just about anywhere else, you've got to drink to go on. This is something even the youngest school child knows. Unfortunately I forgot.
By Tuesday night, I felt there was something drastically wrong. I could hardly lift my arms or my eyes. I had to drive to Bet Shemesh and I was torturing myself with every turn of the wheel. I went to my tap chug (group) and I just didn't have the energy to put on my shoes. I sat and watched them. And that's bad. I never just sit and watch.
I was severely dehydrated.
I had all the signs - dry mouth, my eyes were dry too, muscle cramps, head spinning, nausea, weakness. But instead of saying, "Oh my gosh, I think I'm dehydrated. Better get some water", I just kept going until my battery went totally dry and I just shut down.
I went to bed early! And I stayed in bed an entire day to recharge! And of course, I drank. Dr. Tzipi Morris of the Efrat Women's Health Center, said I should drink Gatorade with electrolytes until I felt well-hydrated. I think everyone (especially my mother) should keep emergency Gatorade somewhere.
Anyway, I'm sloshing again, so I'm back in action.
So much to write to all of you. I'll be back later, IY"H, with some updates.
Drink Water!!

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  1. The best is some sweet liquid, juice (or sweet herbal tea) with a bit of salt or alternate the sweet with a miso soup.
    Feel better!