Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Borns

I guess first born children have to develop special gifts of concentration. Their homes, B'H are filled with excitement and action.
If they want to get along in this world they have to learn how to tune out the excess chaos around them, and close themselves somehow from the smaller-sibling distractions around them.

I saw proof of this on Friday when B'H my children and grandchildren came to visit. My eldest granddaughter, who has become a very dedicated reader, sat quietly reading Yaffa Ganz's book Savta Simcha. She curled up on the couch until her sister and little cousins - 3 three year olds and 1 two year old started jumping on the couch all around her.

Then she switched to the dining room table where she sat next to my 6 year old granddaughter, also the eldest in her family, who was busy working conscientiously on a Getting Ready for First Grade workbook. The four terrors whipped up a tornado of activity around them, but the elder scholars just sat quietly, oblivious to all else happening around them.
A great afternoon was had by all. The first borns did their reading/ studying/ learning, and the energy-powered little wind-up tykes were in constant action every moment.
Just don't look at my living room. It is currently being declared a natural disaster. But, truthfully, I love it that way.

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